How do social media marketing strategies impact consumer behavior?

Top facts of consumer behavior can positively affect your social media strategy.

social media marketing is one of the important markets that we have these days in our world as we now search for anything we want on different social media platforms, therefore, every marketer should know how social media strategy can be more effective and gets its fruits if he know well the consumer's behaviors.

In this blog, we will have the top factors that you should consider in your strategy, specifically consumer behavior :

Social media strategy

The first Step in any social media business is " making the social media strategy" to set your goals, know your competitors, set your content types, create the content calendar, plan, and more but all those things that every marketer does to use them to reach to the target audience as they are also " the consumer" in general then go in depth to know their behavior and the top factors that affect your target audience who are the most important elements that the purchase or taking action process has been done through them.

What is the consumer behavior?

Consumer behavior is a combination of many elements that give you the way to hit the right consumers such as psychological needs and desires, what things control the consumer's decisions to buy a product or take an action, how he thinks about the brand, how he compares and why all of these and more are known as consumer behavior.

Top factors to consider about the consumers while making the social media strategy

1-Gender: Brands, projects, or services are sometimes targeted to a specific gender, such as makeup brands, women's clothes or hairdressers hit women and girls, on the other side barber shops, men's shoe brands, men's clothes hit men only but others hit both of the genders like perfume brands, cars brands, some of the skincare brands, shoes repairing services page, courses, or delivering services and more.

2- Age: After identifying the gender according to your project you should know the age well to be specific and directly hit to the point, your consumers may be old people age, teenagers ages, youth age, or even kids but in the last case you will target different ages because kids have no accounts on social media, for instance, if you're a kids' toys brand hence, in this case, you hit parents ages and grandparents, and if you're skincare brands you will target youth in some products and elders in others that have products that reduce wrinkles and so on.

3- Cultures and backgrounds: one of the points you should know is the cultures and backgrounds of your consumers. If you're targeting special countries that are different from your cultures you should study their customs and traditions.

For example, if you are a perfume brand that targets golf countries, you should have the information that they love oud and musk sents including the perfume ingredients.

5- Habits and interests: Your consumer's habits, interests, personalities, or jobs are all also essential to be the every time best product or services that meet their needs, for instance, if you are a sportswear brand what habits do you expect for their consumer's interest, first, they need cotton fabrics or specific cloth kinds that absorb the sweat, to be easy and flexible in wearing and taking off as they may be in hurry to go to the gym or work after finishing, to endure to wash every day without getting pale or shrink and more.

Also, personalities have a big effect, people love different colors, styles, places, drinks, and food, so on.

6- Incomes: This element is so important, therefore, you should know which category you are searching for whether they are employees or businessmen to meet your needs, for example, if you're a real estate company that sells townhomes or villas you can't target employees who they are not interested in your page but target people with a high income are going to be interested and will take an action.