Why link in the bio tool is essential for freelancers?

Discover how freelancers can boost their online presence with Linkee, the leading link-in bio tool for freelance websites.

The link in bio tool is the most important tool for freelancers because as you are a freelancer, your image is the first impression that makes you gain potential clients, hence, you must have a landing page that describes your style, job, and collect all things that related to your work to and have one link for a bio to present yourself and work in the best way every time a client asks you about your job.

Freelancing websites

Freelancing websites are essential for every freelancer, every account you create on a website is a new chance for a new journey; because of that, you will need one link for your accounts on those websites.

With Linkee you will able to build a landing page that has all your accounts with one link you can put it in your freelancing website bios to not need to go here and there.


"Send your portfolio" You must listen to or read this sentence, when a client wants to work with you, he must take a look at your previous work and it is the most important impression that the client or the business owner will make about you and then takes the design to have a deal with you or not.

if you send your work separately, you will certainly lose the opportunity to get this job but with Linkee you can create your own portfolio according to your job by choosing a template and theme that reverse your style and experience just with one link to send to the clients to meet you even without needing to have face to face meeting, because your portfolio will speak about you.

Social media platforms

Social media accounts are your way, your online presence as a freelancer that identifies you to your target audience and business owners is very crucial as you won't meet them face to face daily like the offline work.

Therefore, as you spread out on your social media platforms you will have a bigger chance of getting more job chances and also widen your social network by getting new audiences across other channels for instance, if you have followers on your instgram page more than a Facebook page or youtube channel so by your link in bio that takes any person who clicks on it to your landing page he will find all your social media accounts easily and get follow you directly.

The latest work

Make your followers up to date with the latest work because it means you are in the theatre and exist which makes your audiences feel that you are interested in them and they will keep following.

Be clear and direct with your fans and followers and don't let them confuse with a lot of links to reach your latest audience you will gain new fans or at least they will remain loyal to you, therefore, every time you tell your audience go in check " link in bio" be sure that you put the mentioned link in your landing page to redirect them quickly, simply, then receive their awesome feedback.


How about creating a simple website for you? present your work on a mini website where you can put your info details, your social accounts, or any accounts that have a link, Also you can describe yourself with creative words and then add your photo or your brand photo.

You will appear as a professional freelancer who is going to let your future clients find all work, all contacting ways like emails, phone numbers, business accounts, and so on, with just one click.

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