How to add the Linkee link to your Facebook bio?

Let's leave an unforgettable impression at first sight and connect your Facebook fans with your Linkee page to let them cope with your last updates.

With Linkee by your side, you can maximize the impact of your Facebook bio and other social media platforms. Experience the convenience and professionalism of having one centralized link in bio that directs your followers to your latest blog post, online shop, portfolio, or any other desired destination. Seamlessly update and customize your Linkee profile to reflect your evolving online journey, and make sure your followers never miss an important update ever again!

Just follow these few steps:

Step1: Open your linked page and press on the " Dashboard"

Step 2: head to your Linkee page and press on Links

Step 3: press the" share" button

Step 4: choose " copy link" to print your link.

Step 5: Go to your Facebook page and press the "About" button, then you will see a window, choose " Contact and basic info".

Step 6: press "Add a Website" and paste your Linkee link.

Step 7: The link will appear in your Facebook bio.

Experience exponential growth in your online reach, attract new opportunities, and stand out from the crowd with Linkee!