WhatsApp is testing a new feature for converting voice messages into text

WhatsApp News: Exciting Update! Converting Voice Messages into Text Features in the Testing Phase.

According to a recent report in WA Beta Info, the WhatsApp application has begun rolling out a feature that allows you to convert voice messages into text, allowing you to read their contents without playing them out loud. The feature is currently being tested with a small group of beta users in some countries who have downloaded the latest beta version of WhatsApp for Android from the App Store Google Play.

Users with access to this feature can enable it for both incoming and outgoing voice messages by downloading the Language Data Pack. This ensures that voice messages remain private as the transcription process takes place on the user's device. Currently supported languages ​​include English, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, and Hindi, with the possibility of more languages ​​being available in the future.

For those with hearing loss, this feature greatly improves accessibility, allowing them to participate in conversations that include voice messages, and it also provides the convenience of allowing users to quickly scan transcripts of long audio messages instead of listening to them, making it easier to understand the content.

According to WA Beta Info, users will be required to download approximately 150MB of additional app data. The feature will be enabled by default, but in some cases, users may have to enable it. When the copy feature is enabled, users will encounter a notification asking them to “Read Messages.” audio with texts”, indicating the availability of the content of the written message.

The report also added that texts are generated on the device, which means that no one else can hear voice messages or read users' texts, and hence, it seems that WhatsApp is also focusing on users' privacy while rolling out the new feature. The report also revealed that the feature is currently in the testing phase. It is available to a limited number of trial version users, however, WhatsApp aims to roll out the feature to more users soon.