How to use the Linkee dashboard?

Are you tired of spending hours deciphering complex spreadsheets and charts? Look no further! Linkee's revolutionary dashboard analysis is here to streamline your data analysis process.

Unlock the power of seamless connectivity with Linkee! Our intuitive dashboard solution is here to elevate your digital experience. With just a single click, the Linkee dashboard enables you to effortlessly give an analysis about every"link in bio" in all social media apps and direct your audience to your curated content.

From the intuitive Linkee dashboard, you can manage your entire virtual world in one place with a tap to know which platform has the most interaction and which point you are at.


In the Linkee dashboard, you can control your all "analytics" of links in the bio.

1- On the "Analytics " page you can make unlimited analytics to your links in detail such as how many people visit your link, how many clicks, and how many click-through rate, furthermore, you can pick a date to know your link analysis in the determined date.

2-Devices Analytics

From the analytics, you can know from the "devices analytics" in which devices your fans follow you the most such as from their mobiles, tablets, PCs, or iPads.

you can see the visiting number of the top places where you have fans the most. also, you can see the analytics of links and social links as well. furthermore, you will find how many people suggest your links to others and their visiting numbers.  

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