How to manage multiple social media accounts for business?

7 ways to successfully manage many social media accounts for business to avoid the common challenges you can face.

Having multiple accounts is a must to reach your business to the biggest target audience as much as possible, to launch and widen your brand awareness but this will make you face some challenges like forgetting viral your content through all social media accounts or dealing with the negative comments on each channel, track reports and results of them all, or staying active on them all to keep you reach up.

This blog will give you some steps to follow to manage your social media accounts professionally.

1- Create a social media strategy

The best results you expect from social media accounts will depend on the social media strategy you follow if you have an efficient one that fulfills your business needs, the engagements bloom, so to do this you should know some factors while making any strategy.

For instance, set your targets well It is essential to know your business goals to work on them, therefore you are going to be able to know which target audience you want to reach because this will lead you to form the content to match your target and specific audience needs to gain their engagements, also bear in mind the obstacles you may face during the process to avoid them or at least to be ready with some solves, in this case, you will get the best outcomes you predict.

2-  Smart content plan

Determine which industry newsletters, podcasts, and specialized blog articles are the finest sources of material for your social media accounts; maximize the content created by users by sharing reviews, images, or shout-outs, since this builds trust and encourages others to do the same.

When your social media schedule is lacking, utilize well-chosen material as filler. If you manage several social media accounts, occasionally a post may get lost in the shuffle. Make sure you have a few well-chosen posts queued up and ready to go at all times so you're ready for any eventuality.

3- Put diversity into your content

After having a good strategy, you should go through the content, which must be consistent with your brand, personality, or voice tone of your business, furthermore not only that but it should match with the platform that you share your content through, such as the content you share on Facebook it can depend on words but if it is on instgram it should focus on photos or reels the visual part because the kind of audience on instgram need to watch more than read, hence you have to considerate the variety of content on each social media channels.

Moreover, do your research around your ideas, have a brainstorm to elevate them, and then audit to write your original version and make sure your content is all devices-friendly.

4-schedule your content

It is a must point to schedule your topics through your social media accounts to avoid missing audiences because you care about one channel more than the others in riching them by content, and also you will have a specific time to publish your content every time and this will benefit you to have more time for the other details like to have new ideas or tracking your engagements.

it's known that having many accounts for your job it's a big deal because you will have to care for and follow every single detail, therefore you should have a social media managing tool with features that can help you to get rid of links hassle like Linkee. that will save your effort to run through all social media accounts bios to put your updated content links while you could drop a channel to share your new content into.

However, now with just one link that combines and merges all your social media links in your landing page, you can add the link of your content every time with fixed one link in bio across whole your social media accounts will let all your fans know all your updates with one click.  

6- add attractive visuals

" The First Sight" is the most important hook to grab your audience, as it is known we are not the same, and because of that most of us scroll fast the social media and when our eye catches a unique photo or design with attractive content it rapidly stops and begin to have the curiosity know more about your content, so the high-quality visuals you add to your content considering each app nature, the fast engagement you will get and less problem you will face.

7-Analyze your accounts

To know if you are successfully managing your accounts, you need to social media tracking tools that provide you with detailed analyses for each social media account, Through the Linkee analyses tool you can track your engagements, like how many likes, shares, clicks, audiences locations, the most usable devices, and much more, to be aware of your shortage if there any or your goodness to keep and strength.